Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Jungle Gym Story

Cute Ben Moment:

Last night, Ben found a way to use Mommy as a jungle gym but without hurting the baby belly. It involved him climbing on the arm of my chair, crawling down my legs and diving head first between my knees onto the floor. He'd inevitably let his legs slide down after him with a big thump. Then he'd stand up and shout "Ta-Da!" (actually just "DA!", but I totally get what he was trying to say.)

He did this about twenty times before he got hurt. At one point, as he was trying to stand up, he slipped and slammed his forehead against the hardwood floor. Daddy to the rescue, and Ben received the hugs and comfort he so desperately needed. Then Ben reached over for some Mommy TLC.

When he got onto my lap, he pointed to his hurt forehead and shouted "DA!"

There was much laughter in the house.