Sunday, November 18, 2007

Baby Booms

We all found out last Friday that my brother's wife is pregnant with their first daughter. After two boys, we didn't dare to speculate about the gender of her baby bump. We kind of went with the "it's probably a boy" party line. So we were pleasantly surprised and excited to discover that they'll have the joy of a daughter in the home.

Woo-hoo! Little Abigail is due in March.

My sister is six weeks pregnant with her second baby. Her son is turning one next week. Only a couple months of difference in the age gap between her two and my two. Gage is rather high maintenance, so we wonder how he'll react to sharing his mommy.

Pause... who's next? I'm done. No more babies for this family. My other brother is not planning on having a baby with his wife since they already have a daughter from her previous relationship. Maybe my sister will want a third? I know my brother and his wife are considering having another soon after little Abigail is born so she'll have a playmate (the boys are 8 and 14).

It just feels like we're on a roll, and we should keep the momentum going.

Just with the babies born recently and the ones still cooking in the oven, family get-togethers will be fun. Five children under the age of three by next Christmas. It boggles the mind. They'll have fun growing up together.

Chris has his first appointment at the end of the month for a consultation with the doctor who will perform his "snip." It feels very final, but it also feels like the right move for our family, even if we're not helping with the baby momentum.

Our family is still growing, though. At Anna's one-month well child visit, we learned that she's now 20 inches long and weighs 8 pounds, 14 ounces. Her diaper rash is nearly gone, and she's eating like a pro. Her pediatrician couldn't be happier.

And in another "boom" moment... I put Anna in her bouncy chair in the kitchen. Ben and I started playing catch with his mini basketball. Ben thought it would be a good idea to include Anna in the game, just like Chris and I play three-person catch with him. So when Ben had the ball, he threw it at Anna. Boom. Right in the gut. She didn't even flinch. I scolded Ben and said that Anna was too young to play and not to throw the ball at her again. But he did. Boom. Again right in the gut. That was the end of Anna being in the bouncy chair near where we're playing catch.