Monday, November 19, 2007

To Sleep Perchance To Dream

I had some messed up dreams this morning with Anna nestled next to me in bed. (Chris has decided he won't complain about me co-sleeping with her as long as she'll sleep in the bassinet for him for a couple hours.)

It started with seeing gas prices rise to 9.99 in anticipation of the Thanksgiving holiday. People were freaking out, but I was amazed at how many people were still able to go about their plans to travel even with the should-be prohibitive gas prices.

Then I was walking through our downtown carrying Anna, and nursing Anna, and burping Anna. I walked back home with her because I couldn't remember where her new daycare was. Chris didn't believe me that I couldn't remember, but I couldn't, and it made me nervous. Later when she was at daycare, I went there to check on her and take her temperature because she wasn't feeling good. I used an ear thermometer, and the little safety caps kept filling with fluid.

She woke up at five this morning, and I didn't mind though I was still exhausted. Dreams as weirdly disconcerting as those should be ended soon and not revisited. Hey. At least I was sleeping deeply enough to dream.

It's a holiday week now. I remember what work was like during Thanksgiving weeks. Over fifty percent of the staff would be out on vacation. We'd be down to a skeleton staff in some departments. We adjusted our production schedules to accommodate, so there was nothing for us suckers to do. If it wasn't for the lone supervisor per department remaining, we'd all be sitting in our cubicles reading novels or watching movies online.

Chris gets off of work early on Wednesday, and we talked about heading up to my parents' house a day early so we'd have more time for a visit. I asked my mom what the vacancy level looked like for that night, and it's not looking good. My brother Don and his family will be arriving late Wednesday night, which means that one of the bedrooms will be full.

I had hoped we'd have two bedrooms to ourselves so Ben could sleep away from Anna. We could still swing it, though the bedroom leftover only has two twin beds. Ben can sleep in the packnplay, and Anna can bunk with me on one of the beds. We'll just leave the room with her when she gets up to eat and get changed.

I thought about staying down here in Wausau and just going up for the actual holiday dinner, but we'd miss out on so much fun with my nephews. I want Ben and Anna to have holidays full of family memories, especially the glorious chaos of fitting so many people into my parents' 3-bedroom house.

For Christmas, we've already reserved a hotel room in town.