Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Conditional Basement

I have a definitely love/hate relationship with our basement. Looking back on old posts, I remember that the basement of this house was one of its prime selling features. I described it as clean and dry.

Ha. Ha, I say.

When spring came, the walls leaked. The floor became very wet. And all the boxes that we had left on the floor in one half of the basement were ruined. Like the ubiquitous wire hangers, I say, "NO CARDBOARD BOXES!"

Months ago, we sorted through most of the boxes down there. We quit after the first sort, and we never quite made it back down there again. So we left chaos and garbage everywhere.

I never had to see it because I was pregnant, and Chris wouldn't let me carry laundry up the stairs. No other reason to go down there.

Well, last week, Chris's employer had a turkey handout. Like the year before, we donated our turkey to a friend since we had no freezer space for a whole turkey. Chris said that by next year, we'd have a small chest freezer so we won't have to turn down free food again.

The "fool" mentioned it to my mom. Now she's taking us shopping and is helping us pay for it.

I told him I'd let him get a chest freezer under one condition: we get the basement looking halfway decent before we bring it home.

So how the heck did I get stuck with the cleaning job? Oh yeah. That's right. I'm not employed. Ben went to Amber's house for the afternoon, and Anna and I tackled the basement.



It's still not really good, but at least there's some clean floor. I filled over ten bags of garbage (Sorry Landfill). Mind you, this is only 25 percent of the basement. But it's good enough for me for now. The true test is that I'd let my mom go down there without dying of shame (though her basement is a disaster area, but that's one of her quaint eccentricities... I just don't want to admit I inherited that trait from her).