Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Other Side of Bliss

Today I feel like my talents as a SAHM are being taxed for the first time. Having two children. Sure, it's been difficult in the last six weeks, but today is different. Today, my son is sick.

Ben went to daycare Tuesday afternoon so I could clean the basement. He woke up Wednesday morning with a raging cough. By evening, he was wheezing. It was a rough night.

In between his breathing treatments for his asthma, he's being a trooper. I can tell, though, that having Anna around bothers him now that he has to share Mommy when he needs me most.

It's the little things. He came over to cuddle when Anna began to cry, needing her diaper changed. Later, he tried climbing in her bassinet (but asked my permission first. He didn't get it.)

When my back was turned, he sat in her swing and actually got it to swing back and forth. When he saw that I had Anna lying on a blanket on the floor next to me while I was washing dishes, he came over and laid down next to her, staring up at me like she was.

If Anna weren't here, I'd be able to sit with him and cuddle all day. Instead, I only get to give hugs, wipe noses, offer oranges, water and teddy grahams, and say "I love you honey" over and over again. I feel ripped in two, my heart trying to be big enough to cover all the hurts and misery.

My brave little boy, content to be tucked into bed for a nap, knowing that I needed to get back downstairs to tend to crying Anna. I love him so much, and I'm so grateful he is so brave and so generous.