Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Jump Around Jump Around

We've been trying to teach Ben to jump for months. His version of jumping was cute, though not really jumping. It consisted of him standing on a bed or in the tub, launching his center of gravity up while he flings his legs in front of him, landing very hard on his butt. On the bed, he'd bounce; in the tub, he'd splash.

When he'd be on the floor, Ben would jump by going on his tippy-toes and slamming back on his heels quickly. He never got airborne.

Leave it to Elmo to teach him the way to do it. Today in Elmo's World, the topic of the day was hopping on one foot. Ben was in his high chair playing with bottle caps, so he could only watch intently. I demonstrated hopping, quickly realizing that breastfeeding mothers should not, under any circumstances, hop without a supportive bra. I left the rest of the instruction to Elmo and his human friends.

Ben slowly grew more excited, and he insisted on getting down. He did... and he hopped. And he jumped. He actually left the ground. Over and over again. I beamed. I clapped. I shouted and cheered. Yay jumping Benji! I was so proud.