Tuesday, November 13, 2007

30 Days Old

We came right up to the deadline for getting Anna added to our insurance, so I was quite aware of when she would be thirty-days old... today!

I was noticing yesterday that she already has those cute little fat rolls on her thighs, and she's getting the rolls on her wrists, too. A plump little baby. She's getting too big for the newborn-sized sleepers now.

Her eyes are getting lighter every day. It really seems like she'll have blue eyes like her daddy. I've always thought light-colored eyes and dark hair look very intriguing in combination.

As I type this, she's nestled against my chest, cradled in the perfect-fit cushions of the boobies. She has her hands up by her face, and she has one hand covering her eyes since she's facing the lamp next to me.

She went 5.5 hours between feedings during the night. I celebrated despite the engorgement. Don't think I got more sleep because of it, though. Ben woke up at 3:30, thinking it was time for morning. I changed his diaper and cuddled him close while he whimpered.

We still haven't pinpointed many aspects of Anna's personality yet. She spends a lot more time awake lately, but she's mostly just looking around at everything nearby. I think she's a cuddly and curious baby with lots of patience and tolerance.

Ben remains in love with his little sister. I keep waiting for him to act out against her, but he really hasn't. Sometimes he gets frustrated at me for not being available for him, but that's to be expected.

I do some things to help that, though. Every time I get ready to change her diaper, I offer to change his first. He hates diaper changes, so he never accepts, but when I ask him first, he doesn't fight for my attention while I'm busy with Anna. I also ask him if he wants a snack or a refill on his sippy cup before I start nursing. I try to involve him in her care. If we're in a different room and she starts fussing, I ask Ben to come with me to check on her, and we go hand in hand together. So far so good.