Monday, November 12, 2007

Me and Mine Meme 100 for the 200

Nordette from BlogHer is trying to get back into the bloggy swing of things by interviewing 100 (you heard right) mommy or daddybloggers by the end of the year. I think she should interview me. :) She wants us to do the following meme so she can decide who to interview:

1.) State the name of your blog, your real name or your online name, and link to your "about me" page.
My blog is entitled Red Pens & Diapers. My name is Cheryl Mathis (my online name is mammacheryl), and you can find my "about me" page here.

2.) Say you want to be profiled on BlogHer as a family blogger and link back to this post.
Dude. I want to be profiled on BlogHer as a family blogger.

3.) Tell how long you've been blogging.
I've been blogging since October 2006. This is actually my 200th post. Woot!

4.) Pass this meme on to three other bloggers that you think should be profiled/interviewed.

I think Dana, Candace and Daisy should be profiled as well.