Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The Little Lady

Anna is seven weeks old now, and she's a blessing and a dear.

I scolded her yesterday for being so self-centered. A total "duh" moment. She's a newborn.

If you're not in the mood for a "poop" post, just skip the following text and scroll down to the cute Anna pictures I have at the bottom.

When Ben was a baby, he retained his poops. He'd only defecate once every week or so (the record was 12 days). When he'd finally "release", he'd explode. It got everywhere. We tried to look on the bright side... we weren't having to change poopy diapers every day.

I didn't know it was an inherited trait. Anna has developed the same bowel habits.

For the first four weeks of her life, she was pooping almost constantly. Every thirty minutes, it seemed. It made it very difficult for her diaper sores to heal. Now that her bowels have matured, she's spaced them out a bit. She's going every three days now.

Yesterday she finally released after a weekend drought full of gas and fussiness. She gave me a diaper full during the day... but the whole point of this post?

My dear little girl gave an A-plus effort last night for Chris while I was sleeping. While he was changing her wet diaper, she started pooping. And she didn't stop until she had filled two diapers that he had hurriedly shoved under her.

She truly is Mama's Little Girl. My darling little blessing saved all that wonderfulness for her daddy. I'm so proud.