Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Song Cue: I Got Fever

"I Got Fever"

It's amazing how much my pediatrician's office freaks out over a newborn with a fever. If Anna were really ill, I'm sure I'd be very grateful with how diligent they are. They went into a big ol' flurry of activity yesterday morning when I called them once they opened to tell them that Anna has been running a temperature since Monday morning.

But after three hours of tests this morning, including a blood culture and urine catheterization, the official diagnosis is she's probably coming down with a cold, the same cold that Ben has.

They stopped short of a spinal tap, but that would have been on the schedule for the day if I hadn't told them about Ben's cold. That, and she smiled at Dr. Sarah during the exam, so she's probably not on her deathbed.

"Fever when you kiss me"

I thought about restricting Ben's proximity to Anna, but I figured I'd probably transfer any germs even if I didn't let him kiss her goodnight every night. Did I mention he can now say "Nigh-nigh"? Besides, his insisting on kissing her at every opportunity is one of the cutest things in my life right now, second only to Anna's unbelievably chubby thighs (did you know she's ten and a half pounds already?)

"Fever when you hold me tight"

Okay, this probably didn't get her sick, but it does make her temperature rise a bit more. It took me a whole six hours yesterday to realize the reason her temperature was higher after she woke up was because she had been sleeping in a blanket bundle next to me. Her lowest temp, 100.4, was still enough to have to go to the doc, though.

PS. Is it weird that the cute-guy medical student wouldn't look me in the eye after he walked in on me nursing Anna? Poor guy. Figured he wouldn't have to deal with boobies if he chose pediatrics as a specialty. Well, ha! Showed him.

PPS. Wednesday morning, and her temp is down to 99.0, but she has a pretty and lacy all-over body rash. We have another appointment this morning.