Thursday, December 13, 2007

Our Nifty Christmas Photo Card

Like Anna's birth announcement, I designed our holiday card. Initially, I was going for something more elegant, but I ended up with this cutesy layout and font and realized that it perfectly suited the pictures.

Ta-da! They are being printed tonight, and I hope to get a bunch of them out in the mail by Saturday. The envelopes are all addressed and stamped, but I need to go back to the copy place and use their paper cutter to cut out the cards, or I'll be stuck using a ruler and an exacto knife like last time. That was a nightmare, and I cut myself twice.

In other news, I never knew that you would have to hit a laptop (like a washing machine) to get it working again. But I do. Apparently, Mac laptops are made with a magnet that, when the lid is closed, moves and activates a switch that shuts off the power. My magnet keeps moving on its own and getting stuck, and my laptop goes to sleep at random times. Wow, is it annoying. My dear husband will be opening up my darling laptop this weekend to fix it. Until then... Bam. There it goes again.