Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Promised Couch Post

Almost every evening, we watch Still Standing on the CW. It's not the greatest show, but we get kind of bored with the news. Anyway. Last night I heard the best line that I had to share:
Kid: Mom, you got the wrong kind of peanut butter.
Mom: Oh... you mean the kind that causes ungrateful whining?
I laughed out loud.

I remember when I bought my first grown-up, non-twin bed a few years ago. I felt so adult, so grown. The next piece of furniture that I picked out was our entertainment console. I kind of don't feel that counts since it was the kind that comes in a box and you have to put together.

Everything else in my house is something that other people had or purchased for us. Until one day, when my mom and I poked our heads into a used furniture store, I found a couch set I loved. I wasn't there for couches, but a new couch had been in the back of my mind since we bought our house.

Then over the next 48 hours, I kept thinking about those couches. I finally mentioned it to Chris, who was surprised that I had been thinking about couches for two days straight. He reminded me that it's how I decided that we should buy a house... just something that kept digging at me for weeks even though it wasn't supposed to be on our radar.

So we went together a couple weeks later to the store and he decided he didn't like the couches I had picked out. Instead, he found another set that I ended up liking better. And the store offered layaway, so we made a two hundred dollar deposit, and we knew that by Christmas, we would be couch owners.

We made the final payment last week, and a friend of our helped transport them. I'm in love with my couches. It's so wonderful to be sitting on the couch nursing Anna, and Ben comes up and sits next to me and nestles in next to me to watch TV. Is it wrong that I feel more complete by buying couches?

This is the couch where Chris did most of his recuperating over the weekend. He's feeling terrific, by the way. A little sore if he's been on his feet for a while, but he actually went into work yesterday. He's doing much better than I expected, since he has a tendency towards moaning and groaning. :)

The spot with the green bed pillow is my home base. I blog there, I nurse there, I drink coffee there. It's Cheryl's zone.

Having the couches has meant that I will no longer allow us to eat in front of the TV. "Don't you dare spill that on my new couch; go sit at the dining room table." So really, our investment has improved our lives in many ways.

Today, besides folding four loads of laundry, I will be making a batch of mini sugar cookies and possibly get started on those cheesecake cups I promised Chris. Or maybe I'll be stuck on the couch with Anna who seems to be teething at the ripe old age of two months. (Inconsolable crying and she screams when I rubbed her gums "just to check"). The only way I was able to pick up this morning and take these pictures was to wear her in the Bjorn.