Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Change Alone is Eternal, Perpetual, Immortal

Monday afternoon, when I was feeling sorry for myself and eating too many delicious spicy oatmeal raisin cookies, a lady in HR from my former place of employment called me to offer me a job. I accepted with alacrity.

I knew I'd be getting this call. I've known since late January, I think. It helps to still be BFF with your old boss. (Hi KS!) She keeps me informed of the tide changes and rumors.

You see, she's having a baby at the end of May. Her daughter will be born, and KS will be on maternity leave. She and her boss figured that instead of hiring someone off the street to temp full-time, they could hire me part-time, and I'd be far more effective since I'm actually trained to proofread. In the past, our proofreading temps have ended up doing the grunt work for other areas to free up other associates to help with proofing. But even the other associates couldn't really proof.

So for 8-10 weeks, I'll be going to work again on Wednesdays and Fridays.

When KS asked if I'd be interested, I said yes immediately and regretted it but didn't take back my "yes." Other the last month that this has been simmering on my mental back burner, I've come up with a lorry load of reasons not to go back to work.

The highlights of the "Don't do it!" list:

* We'll have to pay for childcare for some of the days, and that defeats the purpose of me working.
* I'll miss the children.
* The children will miss me.
* I'll have less time with my family since Chris is hoping to take a class this summer as well.
* My breast pump will be in Green Bay with my SIL. I don't want to wean Anna so soon, and it would be hard to keep up my supply if I only nursed her once during the day on my lunch break.
* There have been lots of organizational changes at my old job, and it would take me a while to adjust.
* Do I really want to go back to all that drama?
* I'm having surgery in April.

Some of those things can't be helped, like the homesickness and the drama, but I did make another list of "Solutions and reasons to do it."

* My mom will come down for some of the Wednesdays to watch the children.
* The other four floating hours can be in the evenings or on the weekend if I want.
* Chris doesn't work Fridays, so childcare won't be an issue on those days.
* I miss proofreading.
* We can rent a breast pump for a couple of months.
* I liked working there, and I miss my co-workers.
* It'll be good for me to have to talk to adults again.
* Did I mention the extra money will be wonderful? We'll get to go into the fall without any credit card debt, and that's wonderful.
* I wouldn't be starting until seven weeks after my VJ surgery, and that should be plenty of time to heal.

So I'm doing it. And I'll love it. And it's only temporary. And I'll really appreciate my children again when I'm done.