Thursday, March 13, 2008

Scribbling: Anticipation

A nifty writing prompt site, Sunday Scribblings, had the theme of "Smorgasbord" this week. The word prompt wasn't this Swedish diner lingo, but an extensive list of previous scribbles. Ala carte! I've chosen "Anticipation" from the list, because I'm anticipating a lot of things right now.

In a few oh-so-short weeks, I'll be exposing my most private parts to a roomful of strangers. Strangers with knives and needles and probably razors. I'm anticipating a lot of "discomfort." That's a give-in. But how am I preparing for this time?

I'm anticipating a struggle with my weight loss goals during my recuperation. I won't be able to exercise. I can sit on my throbbing butt and do nothing. That's about it. I have some fun graphic design projects planned, but that won't shed the poundage.

Just 7 pounds from my "forty," I can almost taste the anticipation of getting to that magic number: 201. So close to 199, which will feel so amazing. The anticipation of my "forty" tastes like chocolate ice cream and pizza. (My "forty" refers to a 40-pound weight loss since Jan. 5.)

I'm anticipating a lot of anxiety about my house getting messy. I shudder to think of what will happen when I'm no longer able to crawl around the house with Ben, picking up trucks and trains. I *really* hate asking Chris to do stuff like that, because he almost never does it graciously. Though he's a superior specimen of a husband, this is one area where we experience a lot of friction. There's usually a guilt trip involved because I'm a SAHM and he's gainfully employed, and there's usually expectation of a medal of some sort. The anticipation of clutter tastes like dust bunnies and murphy's oil soap.

I'm anticipating a lot of downtime. Well. This is a "duh." Since I signed on to FlyLady, I haven't let myself have a lot of downtime. I even put my sewing machine on a counter so I couldn't sit down while I quilt. I allow myself about 45 total minutes of blogging time every day, and I play six short daily word games on Shockwave. Other than that? I'm decluttering, deep cleaning something, washing dishes, doing laundry, playing catch with a toddler, etc.

So what am I going to do with 2-6 weeks of relative inactivity? Graphic design, blogging, writing letters, sewing at a table, crossword puzzles, watching bad TV, boredom. The anticipation of downtime tastes like anchovies and cottage cheese.

Those are future anticipations. Right now, I'm anticipating bedtime, and that tastes just like Diet Dr Pepper, since I just finished enjoying a glass of it, and I'm going straight to bed.