Sunday, March 23, 2008

Glorious Family

We traveled to Green Bay yesterday to meet my brand new niece, little Abigail Kaytlin.

It was remarkable holding her for the first time. She looks nothing like Anna. They couldn't be more different.

A wash of emotions and thoughts came as I held her. This is my brother's daughter. She looks just like him. It's amazing how much she's a miniature Don. That dark skin, dark hair. My, what long fingers! She and Anna are going to be best friends growing up. I'm going to love her just as much as I love her older brothers. She's my niece. She's an addition to our family.

Family. That wonderful group of people who travel through life in the circle of your soul. You don't always get along. You sometimes never agree. But there's that bond. Sometimes blood, sometimes deep commitment.

So we have a new person to add to all the memories we'll create during our lives. A new spark of light to brighten up the long days ahead.

Welcome, little Abby. Welcome to this absolutely insane, incredibly silly, obscenely confident, genuinely loving family. You'll learn to love us.