Saturday, April 12, 2008

Because It Makes Him Smile

I'm not looking for flattery. I know I don't have a great talent, and I'm not just being self-deprecating. It's a bar trick, like tying a cherry stem with your tongue. I can copy most pictures and sketch almost anything. Not well, mind you, but you can see what it's supposed to be.

I haven't done it for years. I only did it the other day because Ben wanted me to color with him, and I didn't want to just draw my usual houses and cats and trees. I brought over one of his Clifford books to the table, and I showed him how I can draw Clifford on the paper by looking at Clifford on the book.

He was completely fascinated. Agog. Amused. And I did it again tonight when I was distracting him from a delay in his dinner while Chris went out for pizza. I offered to draw him a picture of Ow-Bee, aka Arthur, the much beloved aardvark of Marc Brown's creation.

And then Chris was completely fascinated. Agog. Amused. "I could never do that. It takes spatial sense. That's amazing." It's the smile from my son that makes me pick up a crayon and draw a favorite cartoon character of his, though, not the praise from my husband. That precious little smile and "Oh, Mama!" that I love. So pardon me while I go and draw more of his favorites and then plaster them all over his walls.