Thursday, April 17, 2008

Boo-Boo All Gone

I had my two-week surgical follow-up appointment today. Super report from Dr. Bell. I'm all healed up in there, though I'll still be on restrictions until the six weeks is up. I have another follow-up in two weeks because of some awful aching I'm having in my "area" that I personally think is varicose veins but weren't readily apparent to mister doctor man. He thinks the pain will get progressively better over the next couple of weeks.

Anyway. I celebrated the good report by coming home and inviting my family to go for a walk with me to the park. The one that's a mile away. We piled the bugs into the stroller and briskly walked, greeting the neighbors we passed. So much fun, though Chris thought it would be funnier to try and run to get ahead of me at one point. I caught up to him right away.

"Ha. It's going to be a fun summer, isn't it?"

It sure is. The weather was brisk and windy at 56, and it started to rain on our way back. My back aches, but that's just because I hadn't been upright for so long in so long. It felt SO FREAKING GOOD to move my body again.

So the changes in my family since we've lost 80 pounds? When I wasn't looking, Chris went down the whirly slide. He felt exhilarated. He hadn't been the proper size to go down a slide since he was a little guy. He went down five times, and he giggled. I declined to follow suit, though I did dangle a little from the monkey bars.

Anna had fun going on the swing for the First Time Ever. Ben was a little freaked out by the swing, so he got down and then pushed Anna a few times before he ran back to the slides. Since we are a fit family full of vigor and action, Chris took Anna down the slide so she could experience the thrill. Then it was Ben's turn on Daddy's lap. He got way more of a kick out of it.

And now, I give you a short photo essay of the first of many, many walks to the park this year: