Monday, May 12, 2008

I'm Going Back To This

I've always secretly thought I had a quick wit and sparkling sense of humor, though it is rather dry and sarcastic. I can usually hold my own amongst the crazies and the smarty-pants. Home alone with the kids, however, I don't really get a lot of chances.

In a couple short weeks, I'm going back to work part time for the summer. The same place I left way back in September, the same job. I'm pleased to know that most of the same people are still there, and they remember me.

Have you ever discovered the site Overheard in the Office? It was one of my favorites. I can't count how many times I peed my pants laughing so hard at some of the comments that people have overheard in their offices and then posted for the world to read. The best part was that my boss kept a log of her own of the funny-ass things said around our office, and she published the log monthly, with names removed to protect the innocent and the stupid.

Reading some of the quotes from the last list makes me kind of excited to go back:

You ooze style. It rolls off you like methane gas.

A: I'm pretty well having an affair with my peanut butter M & Ms.

B: That limits your chances of catching an STD.

You can call me Ham and Cheese because today, I am on a roll.

Stick that in your juice box and suck it.

A: I was only really good at tetherball and spelling bees. A lethal combo of skills, in my book.
B: Yikes, that's like mixing ammonia and bleach.
A: I was a malatov cocktail in Sally Jesse Raphael glasses.

He's either just really shy or really clueless.
A lethal mix in a potential mate.

I think you mean logically challenged, not dense.

I kicked ass at chasing little boys around the playground. Though I sometimes broke my wrist.

Too easy. Like you on a Sunday morning.

Not even the suggestion of free money gets me to open her emails.

What's her excuse for looking like an extra in a Whitesnake video?

A: Like a glacier changing the face of a landscape, this re-org will drive a rift between friends.
B: That's poetry. Did you come up with that in the crapper?

*Sigh* I miss those people. Honestly? I'm still of the mind that I'm going to miss the kids too much and going back to work part time is going to disrupt my life too much. I'm dreading the first day back, but I guess I'm starting to look forward to the non-blog adult interaction.