Monday, May 19, 2008

A Little Like Magic

It could just be a fluke. It could just be the time of day. But Anna is feeling better. She's babbling and playing with Chris, and her nose isn't even running anymore.

I called her pediatrician again this morning to let them know that it was the seventh day of Anna running a fever between 101 and 103. She was diagnosed with her third ear infection last Monday and given her third prescription for an antibiotic, but this past week, she hasn't gotten better.

I felt like an idiot for calling. I know, just like I'm supposed to know, that fevers aren't necessarily bad. They mean the body is fighting an infection, and they can actually be beneficial. And in a baby her age, fevers aren't horribly dangerous. They can be caused by teething. Her nose was running which means a cold, and she could run a fever while fighting that off.

But I called anyway. I was tired. Anna was tired. She hasn't had a decent sleep for weeks now. She's been on Motrin or Tylenol around the clock for a few weeks. That's a long time. So I called, and luckily, they said she needed to be seen again. Less idiotic feeling.

Wouldn't you know it? She had another ear infection in the other ear. She managed to get an ear infection while she was on Omnicef, a powerful antibiotic. Since the middle of April, we've run through Amoxicillin, Augmentin and Omnicef. Running out of options. Today, she received Rocephin, which comes in the form of a shot in each thigh.

Within two hours, she was smiling again. It's like my little girl is back. She's grinning and laughing, jumping and bouncing. I'm relishing her gurgles and coos and enthusiasm.

I hope this does the trick. We'll probably have a referral to an ENT after a re-check on Wednesday. I want to avoid tubes as much as possible because of the hassle, but I also would like Anna to not have ear infections every other week.

On the Ben side of the sick kids coin that I've been flipping lately, he's still hacking, but not as often. He ran laps around the house today without panting and wheezing, so he must be getting better. We've cut back his breathing treatments to every morning and evening, and we're slowly reintroducing dairy. He's still the loving, playful boy he's always been, though he has a new trick. When he doesn't want to do something, he sits.

"Ben, would you go get your shoes?"

Sit. Scowl.

It's the typical toddler response. His other trick is tackling me with hugs and kisses and giggles while I'm trying to type on the laptop. Ah, joys.

He can also finally say "Arthur" instead of "Ow-bee" and "Chaw-whee" for "Trolley."