Monday, June 02, 2008

A Bit of Random Kid Stuff

There's so many little things that have amused us lately, but I can't seem to figure out an entertaining way to weave them into a lovely post, so you'll have to live with a list of short descriptions.

** Anna is going nuts with the sweet potato puffs that we introduced into her life. She will eat them constantly if we let her. It's so adorable to watch her try to get one in her fingers, and then how she stuffs her whole hand in her mouth so she's sure to get it.

** Ben is really one of those "still waters run deep" kinds of kids. Sometimes I wonder about his speech delay. It makes him seem a lot dimmer than he actually is because he doesn't respond to people who ask him questions. This evening, though, when Chris asked him to help with some pieces of the train track, we saw a demonstration of his mental prowess. When we handed him four pieces that have specific homes on the track, he matched them up perfectly.

** Ben has been playing with the dolly the past couple days. He throws her against the floor and then bends down to ask her, "Kay? Baby? Kay?" He's tried putting Anna's sandals on his dolly, and he's tried to squeegy out her nose with the bulb syringe.

** Anna did not have a nice time at daycare today. Partly it was because she's not feeling that well (one heckuva sore throat that has given her laryngitis), and partly it was because she hasn't been away from me for that long at a strange house before. Amber did her best to keep her happy, and for that we are grateful.

** Anna's latest thing is to suck on Chris's chin. But really, it's just a ruse so that she can grab his glasses.