Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Another Baby Makes Four

Chester and I are still in talks about having another baby. We both know we want another one, but we don't quite know when. Now that Ben is almost walking, it seems like the right time.

Last night, I was watching Ben explore our entertainment center, and I was filled with such love for him, I couldn't imagine having another baby. At that moment, it felt like I was cheating on Ben just thinking about it.

I've learned from other mothers that when you have another child, you don't have to share the love you have for your first with your second, your heart simply grows and you are able to love both equally with the same fervor. I guess I'd just have to let nature take its course and expect that to happen.

Another aspect that keeps coming up is: Why do we need another baby? Ben's entertainment and joy enough, isn't he? And then I start to think about how boring my life would have been without siblings. And I can imagine what Ben will be like with a little brother or sister.

Ugh. I don't know. It's not like we're actually trying to become pregnant yet... but we've been saying that we'd like to start another baby around Christmas time. That's coming up really quickly, isn't it?

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