Thursday, October 26, 2006

Yesterday's High/Low, Top Five

I haven't been able to blog as often because things here at work have been really tense. Everything seems to be okay now. I'll be so glad when this deadline passes tomorrow.

Ben cried through dinner time last night. His mouth was hurting badly, I could tell. He kept putting his fist in his mouth and crying. Poor guy.

Cleaned by cubicle this afternoon. Feels good. I'm on a bit of an organizing binge.

Yesterday's High
I received a compliment for my good eye for detail from the supervisor of another department. He thinks I'd be great on his team.

Yesterday's Low
The stressful atmosphere at work. I was pretty much out of the line of fire, but it was swirling above my head.

Yesterday's Top Five:
1. Harold said he liked my shirt, but I think he meant my breasts.
2. Ordered office supplies.
3. Playing with Ben after dinner.
4. Watching 30 Rock and Twenty Good Years with Chester.
5. The cold air felt really nice on my skin yesterday morning.

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