Friday, October 20, 2006

Friday's High/Low, Top Five

A new tradition — at the end of every day that I'm online and blogging, I shall list my High and my Low for the day, as well as my Top 5 "things."

Seeing a coworker's sonogram picture of her 12-wk-gestation runt. Such a tiny, precious little baby.

Fighting so much with Chester this morning. I HATE fighting in front of Ben. I'm scared he'll be traumatized. I know I was when my parents fought.

Top Five Things
1. Harold said my new haircut is still "sassy."
2. Chester will buy me an apple pie to make up for the fight this morning.
3. I'm looking forward to painting the bathroom this weekend.
4. The sun came out for about 15 minutes while I was in a room with windows.
5. Contrary to Weird Troy, we don't actually need new brakes for the car.

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