Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Ad Design, Ben's Teething, Sister's Womb

Short post today since I leave work in twenty minutes.

Work was out of the ordinary today. My boss's boss, who knows I have a penchant for Photoshop and graphic design, pulled me out of the department today to create a mockup of an ad to submit to one of our biggest vendors. She said that she couldn't ask anyone in Design to take on any more work without risking losing her life, so I was her alternate choice. She told me the concept, I created it. Someone tweaked the concept, I tweaked the ad. Finally, the concept they came up with was something very Photoshop-intensive, so I got to play on one of the graphic computers for a couple of hours. I finished, presented the mockup. She walked it around to her boss, that boss walked it to his boss, and it was approved.

Turns out they're going to send my mockup to the vendor as the final product. I was shocked. I figured I was just throwing something together for an internal presentation. If I knew that it'd be going to an external partner, I probably would have 1. freaked out a bit, 2. spent more time on the details, 3. refused. At least it's not going to be the final, polished ad for publication. Our external partner is going to recreate the ad from my mockup.

Anyway. Pat on the back for me. I have little to no formal Photoshop training. It's just been something I've played with for years.

Ben is still on his hunger strike. He'll snap out of it eventually. Until then, he gets to just have bottles and whatever solid food he'll allow (which is nothing). Last night, we offered him some of his favorites. We put them on his tray, and he started to cry. He'd play with his spoon, but never touched the food. When we tried to feed him, he'd put both hands over his mouth and scream. The teeth are almost through. Maybe a week to go. The second top one popped through overnight. Just two other ones just below the surface, and then we can forget about this teething crap for a while.

Today, I'm anti-having-a-second-child. It's odd. I never thought I'd question my desire to have a big family. Ben is so wonderful, and I enjoy him so much, today I feel like he's enough, that our family could be complete just as it is. We'll see how I feel about this next week.

My sister is 38 weeks pregnant now. Any day! I'm so excited for her. She must be so miserable, though. I never got that pregnant. Ben rushed out at 35 weeks. Soon, my dear sister, soon. Hopefully, for her sake, my little family will be taking a trip to Oshkosh to see her and the new baby this weekend.