Monday, November 20, 2006

Monday Morning Ramblings

This afternoon is the Thanksgiving dinner lunch at Ben's daycare. Chester and I are going, and we'll enjoy having lunch with Ben and sitting on the itty bitty chairs while we eat small portions of mediocre, bland food. Its a daycare. It's not Martha Stewart's house.

I'm feeling kind of frisky today. Without thinking about it, I flirted with one of my male co-workers. I never do that. While I was walking down the hall to the breakroom to refill my water bottle, Henry was about eight steps behind me. "I'm following you," he said. "Are you enjoying yourself?" I asked. "Yes, thank you," he replied. Dangerous ground there. But of course, having your husband work in the same building with you provides certain unspoken boundaries. I would never consider having an adulterous relationship, but even if other people considered starting one with me, having Chester around every day creates a nice buffer zone.

This morning I woke up forty-five minutes early to start reading one of the books I borrowed from the library yesterday. As I was throwing on my nightie and robe, I walked into Ben's room to make sure the little rascal was covered and warm. He was sitting there, smiling his cute little head off. So we went and played on the living room floor instead of reading. He loves looking at his books, but he can't stand to watch other people read books that he's not allowed to taste and tear. It's an anti-literacy council right in our own house.

My sister called me last night to chat about the birth of Gage. It was no wonder she ended up with an emergency C-section. With every contraction, her blood pressure went sky high, and they were very worried about seizures and strokes. Nearer the end, Gage's heart was decelerating too. When they finally pulled him out, he had the cord wrapped around his neck twice.

Other than all that, nothing much is happening. The Packers lost big time yesterday, and there are a lot of cranky people at work.