Sunday, November 19, 2006

My New Nephew, Surprise C-Section

My sister Jo was blessed with a healthy 7lbs. 14oz., 20-inch long baby boy about an hour ago.

After more then twelve hours of labor (unmedicated), they did a C-section. Apparently Gage wasn't in the right position and couldn't get in the right position to come down through the birth canal.

Jo's in a lot of pain right now, and my mom is feeding her ice chips. She and her husband hadn't wanted anybody in the hospital with them, but my mom drove down to Oshkosh to be nearby. And Nana was called in about thirty minutes before the C-section. Life's a lot better and easier to handle when you have a loving mother nearby to soothe your brow and stroke your hand.

Jo wasn't able to have the pain relief during labor because she's always been very sensitive to medications. They were worried about a bad reaction to something at a very critical time. She's allergic to most pain meds, and I hope they're able to find something to help her heal from her surgery.

Ben's awake and clingy, so I better go. I just wanted to quickly blog the birth of my newest nephew, Gage Ryon.