Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Ode to My Uni-Ball Red Pen

I feel like such a nerd. I'm a pen snob.

I'm a proofreader. I mark up pages all day long. Pens are important to me. (I even named my blog after them). It's the tool of my trade. I find that if I have a really fine point, my writing is smaller and neater, characteristics that everyone appreciates. Uni-ball came out with a pen that has a .38mm point. Our local office supply store only carries the red version of this pen in a back with a blue and two blacks. Not separately. So, my red pen ends up costing almost ten dollars. And Uni-ball doesn't make a refill. Darn it.

Last night I stopped by the store to pick up my red pen, since my one at work was dangerously low on ink. The store was all out. So I picked out some nice looking .7mm pens and called it a day. I've been writing with them all morning, and my work is sloppy. It's depressing.

I went online just now to look for a place that would sell my red pens, and I found a place... and they sell the red pens separately! I was so excited, I ordered eight. This is why I feel like a nerd. I'm really looking forward to a shipment of pens.