Thursday, December 14, 2006

Ho, Ho, Home & Maybe Baby

Just because I was on vacation yesterday doesn't mean that my work stopped piling up at work. I'm missing a deadline today, but it's just a matter of how badly I'm missing it. Since I've been busting my butt all day, I'm only about four pages short. Go Cheryl!

I brought Ben into work yesterday afternoon per request. Kind of felt bad. I was in my jeans, and everybody else had to be business casual since the corporate people were visiting. Oh well. People were staring at my son, not my pants. Ben was appropriately cheerful and happy. Very curious about everybody. We stayed here for about thirty minutes, dividing the time between Editorial where I live and Systems where Chester lives.

We start looking at houses on Saturday, but I still don't know what our realtor is going to show us. I emailed him this morning, but he hasn't gotten back to me. I'll give him a call in an hour if he hasn't responded. I'm very curious to see what he has in mind, considering he hasn't asked us any questions about what we're looking for. I'm hoping he's just working on intuition from the list of addresses and specs we gave him of houses we were interested in, but I have a feeling he's just a jerk who wants us to buy a house because it's best for him and his sellers rather than best for us as first-time home buyers.

We made a reservation at a hotel in Minocqua for Christmas Eve. My parents' house is already full for that night. And we didn't feel like camping out in sleeping bags in the basement.

I was too nauseated to eat lunch today. It could have been the sight of Chester's split pea soup that he insists on making with milk instead of water like a normal person, or it could have been the copious amounts of taco dip I consumed this morning since my boss's boss brought in yummy food treats. Of course I could just be pregnant. My left breast is a little sore and tingly today, so it has me wondering.

I could just be obsessing, though, and making up pregnancy symptoms. We had intended to "try" every night during my Fertyl Mertyl week, but by the third night, I was kind of burnt out about not getting to sleep earlier. We'll have to see if it was enough.

Tomorrow I pick up our Christmas cards from the copy place. I hope they don't suck. I hope they're wonderful. Now I just have to find the darn address list from last year and then ask my in-laws which ones moved.