Monday, March 05, 2007

The TTC Struggle of February/March

So this last cycle, I was blindsided by trying to be all aware of my body, but totally missing ovulation. I was doing the saliva ferning thing, but found out I was drawing the saliva from the top of my tongue instead of sublingual, or under the tongue. Maybe I would have been able to notice the ferning if I was doing it right. Maybe not. I thought my temperature spike was just because I was sick, but it's been 10 days, and my temp has stayed high, just like it would if I had ovulated.

Yesterday, I had full ferning, and since it was day 21, and that was the day I ovulated last cycle, I was so excited that I would have a change to try to conceive still this month. So, Chester and I "got it on" a few times this last weekend. Have to tell you, TTC sex isn't nearly as good as just making love when we feel like it (which is usually only once a week).

Today, though, I'm all depressed. What if the ferning was just the common estrogen surge at the end of my cycle? According to my chart, if I'm not pregnant, I'll be getting my period this week. My coverline for basal body temps was 97.6 this month, and I'm still testing at 98.0. If I'm ovulating right now, how high is my temp going to actually go? My ferning was back to "transitional" already this morning.

Anyway. Of course we'll just have to wait and see. And keep trying.

If I didn't conceive this cycle, I'm going to invest a little bit more in my fertility by buying some of that pre-seed lubricant. The stuff that supposedly makes it easier for the spermies to get where they want to go. Also might start doing the Creighton method/charting cervical mucus stuff. I can't check my cervix. Tried. Can't reach it. I'm too fat, and my arms are too short. I asked Chester if he would do it, and he refused. Spoilsport.

That was all very TMI. Sorry about that.

In other news. Hell. There isn't much else going on. We're starting to get our tax refunds back, so I've been on a bill-paying spree. Feels good. When I've gotten up-to-date on the basics like electricity and phones, then we can start picking up things for our bathroom renovation which is still scheduled for March 22-23. I was so excited that I was finally able to schedule a cancellation for our Sprint phones. Our contract finally expires on the 21st of this month. That's eighty bucks I'm not going to miss paying out, especially since Chester has a phone through work. I'd rather get a landline and use a phone card for long distance.

Ben's Latest Cute Things

He'll reach for our hands and then press it flat... and then give us "fives". Over and over again. If we don't let him have our hands, he'll give us "fives" on our chests. And then we had to teach him about the difference between hitting and giving fives.

Also, I was folding laundry last night, and he wanted up on my lap. So I held him... and put a sock on my hand and started doing the sock puppet thing. "Hi Mr. Ben. I'm Mr. Sock. I'm going to tickle you now." He kept smiling and looking back and forth from my mouth (where the sound was coming from) and the sock, which was moving like it had a mouth. And of course he'd giggle when Mr. Sock would tickle him. Then I put one of his socks on his hand, and he moved it like it was talking, and then he tickled Mr. Sock, but not me. I didn't mind. It was still cute.