Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Maternity Clothes at 7 Weeks? That's crazy talk.

Ben is going into cute overdrive lately, and I find it adorable. This morning, he rediscovered a toy that he got for Christmas. It's a singing, talking, teaching plush doggy. Really, a creepy thing that says "Hug Me" and "Yellow Hand."

Anyway. He decided that it was the most wonderful toy in the world this morning, and he would motion for me to make it sing, and then he would smile, dance and spin in circles and eventually clap. He kept this up for a while. Chester taught him to hug the doggie. I almost swooned from the cuteness.

I'm down to my last pair of non-knit pants now. It's very depressing. For at least another month or two, I'll just look kind of puffy to the outside world. To me, I feel like a blimp, and I can tell that I'm showing. My belly is getting sore and tight again like it was with Ben. And, since I'm significantly overweight, I have two belly bulges already. The lower, baby pouch of soft, spongy goodness, a tighter band at the height of my belly button, and then another bulge with the rest of my belly fat. So, the baby is pushing everything up while it takes up more space in my pelvic region. I can fill out some pregnancy tops with the top bulge, but the bulge up there is just a bunch of fat and organs, so it's really uncomfortable for anyone to pat it and say, "Hello Baby."

I had a definite baby bump at four months with Ben, but my belly wasn't hard until around five and a half months. Now, I'm having to switch to maternity clothes before two months. It's crazy. Crazy I tell you, and it had better not be twins.

On the health and well-being front, I'm still rather emotional and teary, and I'm still oh-so-tired. I threw up in the shower this morning when I brushed my teeth, but other than that, the nausea has been manageable. I'm starting to have back aches, and like I said before, my belly is uncomfortable and tight. But I'm not unhappy. I woke up this morning without getting my period. Any day that starts like that is a day for celebration.

And, my Avon order came today, so I have new make-up to play with. I love the lip gloss, but like other lip stuff from other companies, it still makes my lips flake off. Does this happen to anybody else? I have a nervous habit where I pick the dry skin off of my lips, and when I use lip stick, gloss or chapstick, it softens the skin, and then makes it really easy to peel off.