Saturday, March 01, 2008

The Car Seat Perspective

It's not time for a progress report yet, but I made Chris take a picture of me this morning because I felt so good about myself. I have lost 28.5 pounds now.

On the way back from the Y this morning, as I was toting Anna up the steps, I realized something. She's about fifteen pounds. The car seat is about eight pounds. That means that I was carrying around more weight on my body than that darn car seat weighs when she's in it.

I put her down, and felt so many pounds lighter. Picked her back up to feel the difference and walked up another step. Put her back down and walked up a step without her. Amazing. My body must be so much happier! The words "buoyant" and "thrilled" and "bouncy" were spoken.

Here's a picture of my happier body!