Friday, March 07, 2008

Friday Meme 2 of 3

This second meme also comes from RC of Hill Smith Family Update. She's the rare kind of woman who I would pay a small stipend to the gods if they would let her live next door.

What were you doing 10 years ago?

Hmmm. That was one of the most difficult periods in my life. Everything was in upheaval, and I was hanging on by a thread. Eventually I got back on the right track, but it took a lot of time, therapy and medication. That's all I'm going to say about that.

For the glossy facade that I will talk about: I was a junior in high school, and I was really enjoying my time as photo editor-in-chief of the school newspaper. We went to the big newspaper conference at UW-Oshkosh, and I won some awards for my photography prowess. I spent most of my life in the darkroom that year. It was my zone. I also taught some advanced photography to some lower level students who showed interest.

I also went to state for forensics. My category was ferrago, and I won a shiny gold medal for my performance of depressive poetry, lyrics, and essays.

Snacks I Enjoy

Lately? Apple slices with natural peanut butter. Protein bars. Nuts.

If I didn't care about my health and reaching my weight loss goals in a timely fashion? I'd say brownies, cold sugary cereal, candy bars, and most types of cookies. I love pie as well.

Five Things On My To-Do List Today

1. Wake up and get dressed to shoes.
2. Drink coffee and make eggs for my husband.
3. Quickly do a straighten-up of the disaster-zone basement.
4. Scrub the basement floor after the Roto-Rooter guy leaves.
5. Nap.

I've done all of it. I didn't think my basement was that much of a disaster zone (the puddle of shit aside) until a stranger came down there with a flashlight to poke around the corners to look for a second main line entrance.

Things I Would Do If I Became A Billionaire

Pay off the debts of myself and those of my immediate families, including mortgages. Buy beautiful dream houses for them all.

Invest a good chunk of it and earmark the dividends for my favorite local charities, like the Salvation Army and the Women's Community.

I would spend the rest of my life traveling around the world one month a year, finding new places and people to bless with the funds and resources to accomplish their dreams. The rest of the time, my life wouldn't change much.

Three Bad Habits

If given the choice between staying home for an evening or spending time with a friend, I will almost always choose home. The reasons are complex and hard to iterate. It has something to do with insecurity and concerns about making such a fool out of myself that I lose a friend.

When I'm falling asleep at night, I pick dry skin off of my lips, squeeze pimples on my face and sometimes pick my nose. It happens in that quasi-dream state where I don't think I'm technically asleep yet, but I'm definitely not alert.

Sometimes I'm rude to my husband. I stop myself most of the time. Like I get upset about something, and my first impulse is to yell at him or call him a name. "Hey Asshole. Get over here and pick up your dirty socks from the floor." Okay. Not something that bad, but close. In my head, I pause and try to imagine Chris talking to me like that. He wouldn't even dream of it. My husband has never called me a name, even during a temper tantrum. For me, it's a bad habit from previous bad relationships.

5 Places I Have Lived

1. Here
2. Stevens Point, WI
3. Milwaukee, WI
4. Manitowish Water, WI
5. Minocqua, WI

Jobs I Have Had

Housekeeper at an upscale resort. Certified nursing assistant at a nursing home. Sandwich maker at a Cousin's Subs. Retail clerk at a tourist-y gift shop. Data entry assistant for a college office. Copy editor. Cafeteria wench. Building manager. Nanny. Order entry associate. Proofreader.

Things People Don't Know About Me

If I keep answering questions like this, I'll run out of secrets. I'm running on fumes as it is.

Here's two.

1. I go on tirades with Chris about people who aren't living lives of truth and honesty. Like the game show "The Moment of Truth." I would be so boring about that show, because I don't keep secrets. I find them worthless. If I can't be honest with my family and my husband about difficult subjects, I wouldn't feel like a good person. They don't know everything, but if I was pressed, I would always tell the truth. Why bother with lies? Life is short. Love hard.

2. I think I love the cartoon "Arthur" more than Ben does.